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Art of Deception (Paperback) - Book 4

Art of Deception (Paperback) - Book 4

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Ray Parker is the Sun God. He is accustomed to doing things his way, in life and in love. Ray controls his own destiny and is determined that no woman will ever conquer his heart or change his lifestyle. As he deals with threats to his life and the lives of his brothers, he must be at the top of his game. Therefore, beautiful brown eyes, long shapely legs, and a body made for fantasies can't distract him; but a threat from the past leaves him no choice but to step in and protect the woman who, from the beginning has taken his breath away and unsettled his very foundation.

Isabelle Martin is graceful, classy, cultured, and totally enamored with six feet five inches of muscled flesh in the form of Ray Parker. However, she knows that it's not going to be an easy task to win his affections since Ray is accustomed to having women worshiping at his feet. Yet, while Isabelle is strategically planning to steal the heart of a god, others are plotting against her and her world is shaken as she learns that her life has not been, as she believed.

Art of the Deception is the final book in The Black Diamond Series. Identities are exposed, buried secrets come to life, and relationships are tested. Life is not as it seems and deceptions abound until truth is revealed.
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