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Black Magic (Paperback) - Book 1

Black Magic (Paperback) - Book 1

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Thirty-year-old billionaire Jordan Black is all about handling his business, in the boardroom and most definitely in the bedroom; and his business is controlling everything and everyone around him. That is until he meets Sage Parker, the ultimate temptation and the younger sister of his close friend and business associate, which makes her the forbidden fruit he will never taste. From the beginning, Sage tests his boundaries with her natural beauty and free spirit. She displays a power over him that he’s never known until finally, he has no choice but to concede his heart; something that he’s sworn never to do again.

Sage is a fiery, beautiful, and independent woman who is not about to let anyone control her. She’s a world-traveled, award-winning photographer who is starting a new life, and love and marriage are not in her plans. She knows who she is and where she comes from. But Sage has no idea what is waiting for her in the form of Jordan Black when she arrives in Los Angeles. Jordan is handsome, powerful, and charming all wrapped up in an irresistible six-foot-five mahogany package.

As their attraction begins to be revealed, so do their secrets. The couple embarks into a torrid love affair with twists and turns from every angle. They eventually find out that neither is what they initially thought the other to be, yet everything they both wanted and needed. In the end, they both agree that the Black Magic is real.

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