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The Expert (Paperback) - Book 2

The Expert (Paperback) - Book 2

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Malachi Roberts is The Expert. When he answers the call from The Master, Malachi embarks on a new mission and begins working on another case with Detroit’s top Investigative Journalist. As a private investigator, bringing down criminals is Malachi’s job and he does it well, but as he begins to uncover a complex network of crime, Malachi also discovers the complexities of a woman, who is unlike any other.

Cynthia Walters has dedicated her life to exposing the dark side of Detroit, in hopes of making it a better place. From politicians to celebrities, no one stood above the law in her mind. Little did she know that her next story would be as mysterious and complicated, as the man working beside her.

As Malachi and Cynthia unravel the connections to the crimes, they also discover their connection to one another.

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