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When Claude Met Mae (Paperback) - Volume 3

When Claude Met Mae (Paperback) - Volume 3

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FALL BLACK IN LOVE... is an Annual Volume dedicated to classic Black Love. This is a 20th CENTURY HISTORICAL that begins in the 1960's.

When Claude Met Mae is a romantic tale of a love that shows life in the midst of protests and injustice. This story is a tribute to the sweet, powerful, beautiful black love that once was...

Claude Morgan is a strong, proud young black man with dreams that haven’t been previously available to someone of his age and color. His determination is built on events that shaped his world from a young age, but his main goal is one dark chocolate beauty, named Mae Mitchell.

Mae Mitchell is no wilting flower when it comes to protesting and standing for the rights of her people. However, Claude Morgan is more than she ever bargained for, and his reputation is one that precedes him, as a troublemaker.

Claude’s perseverance makes Mae see him as a man who is unstoppable, and together they build the empire, he dreams of…in a time where their color was the biggest barrier against them.

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