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When Curtis Met Pearl (Paperback) - Volume 2

When Curtis Met Pearl (Paperback) - Volume 2

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FALL BLACK IN LOVE... is an Annual Volume dedicated to classic Black Love. This is a 20th CENTURY HISTORICAL that begins in the 1920's.

When Curtis Met Pearl is a romantic tale of a love that shows the triumphs and terrors of living on Black Wall Street. This story is a tribute to the sweet, powerful, beautiful black love that once was...

Curtis Kendall is an ambitious, tall, dark, and handsome tailor who journeys to Greenwood, Oklahoma to live his dreams in the black Mecca known as “Little Africa.” As soon as he spots the beautiful doll, he knows that all he desires can be found in this special place.

Pearl Watson is accustomed to the best of black life surrounded by a cruel world. Greenwood is the only place she’s known and her plans are set until the new tailor comes to town, determined to make her his sweetheart.

Their lives together show love, destruction, resilience, and triumph…

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