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When Elijah Met Sallie (Paperback) - Volume 4

When Elijah Met Sallie (Paperback) - Volume 4

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FALL BLACK IN LOVE... is an Annual Volume dedicated to classic Black Love. This is a 20th CENTURY HISTORICAL that begins in 1911.

When Elijah met Sallie is a romantic tale of a love that shows the triumphs of a couple committed to the race. Their journey to Mound Bayou, Mississippi gives a lesson contrasting the two different philosophies of the time.

Dr. Elijah Madison was born for greatness. As a prominent physician in Chicago, his world is turned upside down after he decides to relocate to Mound Bayou. When his plan hits a snag, Elijah must test his beliefs regarding a pretty, young nurse, in order to achieve his goals.

Nurse Sallie Smith lives a happy life in Chicago, under the tutelage of her beloved aunt. When she learns of an all-Negro town built on the premise of black excellence, she throws caution to the wind and places her trust in a young doctor with dreams as big as his heart.

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